A message from Grant – What's happening at Gunstons Attorneys you might be wondering?

If you’re reading this, then you have probably spent some time on our new web site and noticed a few changes. There’s the new logo, new name (Gunstons Attorneys instead of Grant Gunston Incorporated), new domain (gunstons.com) and a new look and feel. The name, logo and domain are about the fact that we have grown from what was a one-attorney firm in 1995 to a firm having a team of lawyers offering a wide range of legal services. As for the look and feel – we hope that it will communicate to you the high value we place on people generally (which includes you!) and on our team. If you have done business with us already, you will know that we have paid a lot of attention to building a team of people that you can have confidence in – both in terms of expertise and also the values stuff (integrity, respect, and good communication, looking after your interests).
Another significant new development is our social networking campaign. Look out for us in cyberspace – in blogs, on facebooktwitter and linked in. We have always tried to be on the cutting edge of new ideas, developments and technology and believe that more and more people are and will be talking to each other through these media, and we plan to be part of it. No, we plan to be trend setters! We hope that you will find the different thoughts, articles, news and ideas that we put out there interesting and informative, and that you will interact with us, enriching the conversation.
Hopefully by now you will have noticed that we get quoted in the press from time to time and we thought that you may find some of these articles interesting, so we have provided links on the ‘Publications’ page of our web site.
All of this though to strengthen what was there already – our focus on providing excellent, appropriate legal services which represent good value to our clients -both corporate and private individuals.
Tell us what you think!

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  1. Lesley Watson says:

    Congrats on the new look Gunstons Attorneys and the launch of your new-look website.
    May you have many rich conversations, in-flow of satisfied clients and long lasting relationships.
    I particularly like the inclusion of the environmental law component to build environmental responsibility.

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