Business Consulting

Our business consulting is formulated to assist business owners and the c-suite, to harmoniously grow their business. We base our consulting services for business around five focus points.

  1. Formulate strategy :

    • Diagnose you company’s present reality on Key performance metrics
    • Focus: Given your target client and present reality, what should be you strategic focus? Identify 1 – 2 strategic goals.

    2. Align company with strategy :

    • Ensure that your HR systems are aligned with your strategic goals (recruitment, performance management, recognition and reward systems etc.)

    3. Execute strategy :

    • Create a new, metric focused and measurable strategy execution operating system. This ensures everyone knows their role in achieving the strategic goals.

    4. See results :

    • Create a winnable game for each team, allowing employees to display entrepreneurial innovation and creativity as they engage meaningfully around prioritised strategic goals.

    5. Legally comply with all applicable labour laws :

    • Ensure that you have legally compliant employment contracts and HR policies & procedures.
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