Growth at Gunstons, something refreshing, and a new website to tell the story

A lot can happen in three years… It’s the time it takes to get a university degree (for most!).  It’s the difference between a new born baby and a walking, talking little boy or girl and it’s the time between now and when Grant Gunston Inc. changed it’s name to Gunstons Attorneys (give or take a few months!).
Quite simply, in the last three years we have grown, grown well, and outgrown our website! When you look at your website and say to yourself, “that’s not really us anymore” you know it’s time for something that tells the story a little better…
The name change to Gunstons Attorneys was in line with a deliberate focus on our part to grow and to diversify our practice while being very deliberate about maintaining the values and unique differences that Grant Gunston Inc. embodied at the time.
We’ve always put a premium on relationships, both within the Gunstons family, and with our clients and those we do business with. The foundations of good relationships, namely trust, respect and excellent communication are qualities that we have deliberately nurtured and developed throughout the last three years of growth. We’ve also worked hard at putting excellent business systems in place as a foundation for excellence into the next season.

Grant Gunston Inc Pro staff Nov 2010
The Grant Gunston Inc. professionals 3 years ago. We have grown!
It hasn’t always been easy; growth and transition, seldom are. But we have reached a point in our journey where its appropriate to take a moment to reflect how far we’ve come. We’ve travelled quite a distance, both in terms of the increase in our legal size, diversity and strength, as well as in terms of the intentional maintenance and development of what we believe to be unique values and culture in the legal profession and the business environment in which we operate. We believe we are doing something really worthwhile here, and are excited about the contributions we will be making to those we serve in the future.
Enjoy having a browse around the new website, which we believe tells the story of who we are and what makes us different to other law firms. hopefully you will get to know us a bit better through doing so. We think you’ll enjoy reading about being served by a law firm from the right side of the “fine line“!

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