How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

In our last blog post we unpacked the three basic types of dispute resolution; Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to make sure you choose the right lawyer when looking to resolve a dispute.

Dispute resolution requires a combination of legal skill, relevant experience, temperament and determination, as well as tact and wisdom. Over-emphasizing one or two of these characteristics at the expense of others can lead to winning the battles but losing the war. This is exactly why choosing the right lawyer is a vital step in the process of dispute resolution.

Choosing the right lawyer for the job can be a daunting task. After all, how can you be sure that the lawyer you choose will have the necessary skills, experience and disposition needed for your case. Well, here are some things to look out for when choosing a lawyer:

  • A good lawyer will bring both experience and a calm approach to a client’s dispute, while helping the client plan a strategy that will take all relevant factors into account.
  • A good lawyer will be able to provide insight into all three approaches to dispute resolution (litigation, mediation, arbitration) based on a deep understanding of the dynamics of these processes, the client’s case, the costs and benefits as well as the short, medium and long term scenarios within each approach.
  • A good lawyer will consider the perceptions, perspectives and dynamics within the client’s situation, instead of simply persuading the client to choose a particular approach.
  • A good lawyer will have the necessary skills and experience to resolve a dispute using any of the approaches: litigation, mediation or arbitration (or a combination).
  • A good lawyer will be honest with you, give you a full and balanced assessment, and will not be afraid to let you know when you are acting against your own self-interest.

Why Choose Gunstons Attorneys?

Our dispute resolution attorneys are trained and alive to what is needed to resolve a dispute in the best possible way.

  • Sometimes it involves an all-out litigation offensive, where every strategy is used to gain the opponent’s attention and bring a dose of reality.
  • At other times, a more nuanced and creative approach is more helpful,  using the skills and insights of mediation to achieve a result that the law cannot necessarily deliver.
  • We understand that a binary approach is limiting, and that a creative combination of strategies opens up more possibilities.
  • We understand that justice delayed is justice denied, and that our clients’ interests include achieving a timeous and cost-effective result.

At Gunstons Attorneys, we believe that it is our ethical responsibility towards you our client, to advise on alternative strategies, to place you in the best possible position to achieve your interests and meet your true needs.