There’s nothing like a centimetre-thick summons stuck to the front door of a recalcitrant company, or the thud of an inch-thick notice of motion landing on a negligent CEO’s desk to let “the other side” know that you mean business.

South Africa employs an adversarial legal system which functions best when each side is represented by litigation attorneys and advocates. Understanding the risks and rewards of “fighting in court”, GSR Law Litigation Attorneys in Cape Town are well-positioned to assist you in counting the cost of litigation while assessing the prospects of success. This allows you to make informed decisions in resolving your dispute. This is important to give you the upper hand and ensure that the strategy you adopt is beneficial in the long run and does not leave you worse off.

Fighting back through litigation

When you are on the receiving end of an overly litigious party’s attorneys and need litigation attorneys to return the favour, the GSR Law litigation attorneys are skilled in answering these attacks. Our litigation attorneys’ solid defenses will make your opponent wish they’d never started the fight.
We are experienced in both instituting and defending cases in the High Court and the Magistrates Courts in a wide variety of legal areas. Whether it’s enforcing or defending the commercial rights of companies, representing private clients, or fighting for the human rights of the poor and the oppressed, GSR Law is committed to using the legal system to serve our clients and uphold the rule of law in our society.
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