The rights as a consumer you might not have realised you have – Part 1

Did you know that you actually have legal rights by virtue of the fact that you are a consumer? You rights as a consumer come from the Consumer Protection Act. Many might be aware that they have rights in general and will act based on a general sense of justice in a particular situation. But do you know exactly what your rights are? Do you understand these rights? Knowing and understanding your rights means that they can become effective in protecting you. Here are 4 rights as a consumer you might not have realised you have.

This is part 1 of a 2 part blog series. Part 2 to come with 4 more rights.

Right to privacy

You may protect your privacy in respect of unwanted and unsolicited correspondence. In the context of being a consumer, this means that you can restrict and refuse unwanted direct marketing correspondence. You can opt out of any direct marketing at any time. Companies cannot continue to market directly to you once you have opted out.

Right to choose

You can shop around for the supplier of your choice to get the best goods and prices. When a fixed term agreement expires, you can choose whether you want to cancel or renew that agreement. You can request for a written quote prior to any repairs or maintenance. You have the right to return defective or unsafe goods for a refunds, as long as this is done in a reasonable period. You can cancel direct marketing contracts within a cooling off period. You can cancel advanced reservations, bookings or orders. You also have the right to retain and not pay for unsolicited goods or services.

Right to fair and honest dealing

You have a right to be protected against any unethical or improper behaviour by the supplier. You also are entitled to protection against false, misleading or deceptive representations made by the supplier. This is all to ensure that in your dealings with suppliers, what you see is what you get and without any unfair clauses in contracts.

Right to disclosure of information

You have the right to information (for example, in contracts) that is conveyed in plain and understandable language by the supplier. You have the right to disclosure of prices for goods and services by the supplier. You also have the right to product labelling and trade description to ensure that you understand what exactly is being sold or marketed to you.

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