The Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Compliance Hub

You are the Hero

As attorneys our role is to support you and your business – we want to make you shine. 

We figure that you want to focus on delivering goods and services in a way that delights your customers and delivers monetizable results for your business.

But there’s a problem

You have legal obligations. Plenty of them. Some you know about, some you don’t. E.g. failure to follow Occupational Health and Safety or Environmental requirements or privacy violations could mean millions of rands in consequences. You’re not legal experts, how are you supposed to know about the many legal obligations on companies operating in your area, in your industry?

  • It’s not fair to expect you to know all your obligations in every area of law (Environmental, Health and Safety, Labour, Finance, Privacy, Tax etc). 
  • It would cost a fortune to hire legal expertise in all these fields to do a full audit to identify where you’re non-compliant, and then manage a project to help you achieve full compliance. 
  • So what should you do? 

The Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Compliance Hub – your SIMPLE Compliance Solution

We get that compliance may not be your passion. But it is ours! Helping you comply as simply and cost-effectively as possible is our business model and what we’re best at. Libryo, a pioneer legal tech company and Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Attorneys, a top law firm working together to help you achieve compliance SIMPLY and AFFORDABLY!! We call it the Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Compliance Hub – your trusted compliance solution.

Here’s what the Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Compliance Hub delivers

  • Ring fenced legislation constantly updated in plain English (just the law that applies to your operation, nothing more or less!)
  • A digital assessment of all your legal obligations (a list of the steps you need to take to be fully compliant, with links to the applicable legislation)
  • a platform to manage compliance including tasks reminders etc as well as access to professionally drafted templates to make it simple 
  • streamlined access to top legal advisors at a predictable fee when you need them

All you have to do is schedule a free call and we’ll give you a demo on how this works. It will save you stress time and money. If you like what you see you can Subscribe to the Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Compliance Hub for a very affordable monthly fee. 

Schedule a free call today!

The stakes are high. At best you can continue as you are, worried about whether your operations are fully compliant, at worst if your worries materialize you may face civil or even criminal lawsuits. 

Or, with Gunston Strandvik Mlambo Compliance Hub team on your side, you can focus on what you do best with no more compliance sword hanging over your head, at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.