I'm confused! What items are included in a house sale?

what items are included in a house saleHere at Gunstons, we are constantly involved with property transactions. Our experience in this area has taught us various lessons. One such lesson concerns the following: what items are included in a house sale? In any offer to purchase a property it is essential to list every possible item in the house and its grounds.

This may seem perfectly obvious,but the experience of many conveyancers has shown that it is quite easy to overlook one or two items or for one party to assume that a certain item will be included in the sale, while another has a completely different view.

What items are included in a house sale: Items typically argued over

The items which are often argued over are those which might be deemed semi-permanent and not an intrinsic part of the property. Examples of these would be garden huts or gazebos, gas cylinders, blinds, awnings and patio tarpaulins, swimming pool equipment, railings and pergolas that can be dismantled, semi-portable braai facilities and certain outdoor furniture.

What items are included in a house sale: Our advice

It therefore pays to be long-winded and even over-meticulous in covering every possible item over which there could be an argument as regards the property. In the same way the seller must define clearly which items he is prepared to leave behind and which items he feels entitled to take with him.

Although this may seem a minor matter, it has led to great distress and argument. Sometimes this is because the estate agents themselves have not been 100% clear in their own minds as to which property should be included in the deal and which items the seller plans to take with him.

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