Why are Labour Laws so important for businesses in South Africa?

Before labour laws were implemented, workplaces were largely regulated by the ethics of the ownership, which in many cases, left workers receiving unfair labour treatment. Employees were often discriminated against and exploited with no way out. Fortunately, thanks to labour laws, those days are over. 

Labour laws exist so that employees are treated appropriately and their rights protected in the workplace. Below, we go over three practical reasons why labour laws are so important in South Africa. 

They contribute to business success 

Ultimately, labour laws benefit both the employee and the employer by creating a peaceful relationship between the two. Thanks to effective labour laws, employers can work hand-in-hand with their employees to create and meet company goals. By treating employees fairly, and protecting their rights, employers can create a positive and enthusiastic workplace, which ultimately works to create an environment that welcomes success. 

They help improve employee retention 

As mentioned above, labour laws that are implemented correctly, ensure that employees are happy in the workplace. Labour laws help prevent employee dissatisfaction while also outlining agreements and guidelines that can be used to resolve issues effectively, with minimal conflict. Employees that are treated fairly and appreciated for their efforts are more likely to stay within the company. 

They help uplift the business 

The Skills Development Act exists to develop the skills of the South African workforce and is now a priority in companies across the country. Not only do these initiatives help improve the quality of life of the employees but they also help to improve productivity in the workplace. 

These types of programmes empower staff and give them the opportunity to increase their income by applying for a higher position within the company. 

Having knowledge about labour laws as a business owner ensures that both the company and the employee are protected. If you’d like to know more about labour law and how to ensure you are compliant, please feel free to contact us.