How do I write my will? I'm getting divorced

Welcome to the penultimate post in our blog series about writing your will for the life stage you are currently in! In this post we will be giving you tips on writing your will when getting divorced.
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writing your will when getting divorced

Writing your will when getting divorced

The first thing you should know is that the Wills Act (the law that governs wills) states that if one party dies within three months of the divorce, the surviving ex is disinherited unless the will provides otherwise. If no adjustment is made and you do not pass away within the three month period, your ex becomes entitled to inherit again according to the provisions of the will.
If you foresee a bitter divorce, it would be wise to make the necessary adjustments to your will the moment it becomes clear that reconciliation is out of the question.
If, however, there is no animosity surrounding your divorce and you do not wish your ex to be disinherited, you need to make this clear. You must include the necessary provision that overrides the three-month revocation.
Despite what differences may be between you and your ex, it is important to work together to consider your underage children if you have any. Following divorce, you will need to make certain adjustments to your will. You need to appoint a custodian parent and provide for your children’s financial needs by means of a trust. It is also possible that you might have accrued debt (this is very possible considering you had to start out on your own again). If this is so, it is advisable to take out insurance to cover it. This provides another layer of protection to your children.
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